Vortex 3 in 1 Jump Rope: The Next Revolution in Jump Rope Design

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Heavy Speed Rope for Cross-fit Workout - Best Exercise for Kids or Adults - Adjustable, so Good for Children or Adult Fitness - Burn More Calories - Perfect Rx for Heart - Lose Weight Fast AND Build Strength - Quality Guaranteed

This Weighted Jump Rope is made just for you:

  • Adjustable length rope makes it perfect for adults and kids of all sizes
  • Adjustable weights let you control the level of your workouts
  • If you are a cross-fit fanatic, this is a great tool to help you take your WODs to the next level
  • The weighted handles are covered in soft, non-slip foam rubber for comfort and superior grip, even when the sweat starts to pour
  • Jumping rope burns more calories per minute than almost any other exercise, and that’s before you even add the weighted handles; burn more calories than rowing, cycling, skiing, treadmill or swimming, and as much as very fast running, without the expensive and bulky equipment or the space
  • Comes with an adjustment wrench and instructions, and our website has even more

Vortex Weighted Jump Rope Features

  • Adjustable length rope makes it perfect for adults and kids
  • Adjustable weights let you control the level of your workouts
  • Jumping rope burns more calories per hour than almost any other form of exercise

Weighted Jump Rope New and Improved Design:

  • No key or adjustment wrench to lose, unlike most of the other adjustable ropes! Just cut, fold and insert and you're done
  • The Vortex 3 in 1 Jump Rope is made of the finest quality materials, and has easily adjustable, weighted foam handles for better grip - won't slip even in the toughest workout
  • This Jump Rope Is the perfect addition to your Crossfit workout - burn calories AND build strength - 2x the workout = 2x the benefit
  • Weighted jump ropes are a proven effective cardio and fitness aid - jumping rope burns more calories per hour than almost any other form of exercise, and that's even without the weighted handles!
  • This jump rope is made of sturdy materials and features precision design, which allows us to offer a 60 Day Iron Clad Refund Policy, along with a 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty against defects and workmanship

Customer Testimonials

What people are saying about Vortex Weighted Jump Rope

I was looking for alternative exercises for cardio and saw the weighted jump rope option after seeing multiple crossfit workouts included them. As a first timer with weighted ropes, it was easy to get going after I made the rope adjustments. The Vortex jump ropes provide a plastic key to make the rope adjustments on the handles, cut off the excess and your off and running. This was perfect and felt good when they were at the custom length. There is something about custom that just feels good. Just be careful not to throw away the key that is attached to the instructions like I did..The handles felt good in my large hands with enough length to adjust for a higher or lower grip. The thick/rubber rope is quick on the rotations as you whip it around. The weights inside the handles do not move around so that was really good, solid handles and great ball bearings that took all rotation speeds I attempted.

 - Amazon Customer


As a busy mom, I like this for its simplicity! Yet, this simple piece of equipment delivers big results! Well made and easy to use, the weighted handles add some extra challenge to your workout, I recommend for the beginner to the seasoned exerciser, as you can get a great workout. The price is reasonable; and this piece of equipment doesn't take up lots of room, and can be stored almost anywhere. Definitely met my expectations, and more!

 - Joy Stahl


Very happy with this product - very well made and easy to pack for trips. Now I am able to get my cardio virtually anywhere. The weighted handles give a great workout to your arms so it is an all around workout. I am finding it easier and more fun to jump rope than just go for a run or hit the treadmill.

 -  John Brooks


Great weighted ropes! Easy to use and has a nice firm grip. I actually didn't think that a few lbs would make much of a difference but it does! You are able to shorten it as well to meet any height but would have to cut the rope. (Didn't know that but was not a deal breaker)

 - Tim


This is my second one of these. Dont leave your rope in the gym it will be stolen and never seen again. Its too expensive to be given away multiple times. Also Vortex makes the exact same rope its just $10 cheaper. I have purchased both and there is not difference. Go for the cheaper one.

 - Acacia Croft


This is a great work out, and easy to take with me when I travel. I was not sure what the quality would be like, as it was priced lower than many others I looked at, but I am very happy with the quality. Very well made, and easy to adjust to just the right length. I would definitely recommend this product.

 -  Karen



Our Guarantee — The Vortex Jump Rope is backed by a 60-day, no hassle, return guarantee. That means if for any reason you need to return just contact us and we will do whatever we can to make sure you are taken care of. We believe that, if we make absolutely sure that our customer (that would be you) is cared for, everything else will fall into place.